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The Global Wind Organization is a non-profit membership organization where wind turbine manufacturers and owners set standards to fulfill the need for Basic Safety Training. All members of GWO accept training done by a certified Training Provider that can prove compliance with the GWO training criteria.

As one of the first organizations in Denmark to be approved in teaching GWO courses we offer the full basic training package recognized internationally as the set standard for working in the wind industry. We also acknowledge that beside the GWO standards we abide by and teach national specific legal requirements and that if needed, can set extra instruction in to courses than to that outlined in the GWO Basic Safety Training.

Rope Access

Certified by IRATA, we are one of very few organizations in Denmark who offer level 1, 2 and 3 certification.  Defined as secured working on ropes, these courses teach the basics of maneuvering around difficult areas on mounted ropes as a cheaper and in most cases quicker alternative in inspection and maintenance of large structures.  Through these rope techniques one can maneuver quickly and discreetly around obstacles such as wind turbines, offshore rigs, bridges, buildings etc.  Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced individuals who have worked in the industry for many years.  Courses are outlined around the IRATA standards and mainly cover with theory, three topics

  • Rigging of ropes
  • Climbing techniques
  • Rescue and evacuation

Oil, Gas and Everyday Industry Safety

Courses are based on teaching delegates the basic fundamentals in safety related to oil, Gas and everyday industry standards.  This can includes working at heights in dangerous conditions, use of Spark producing tools, heavy lifting with large machinery, fall protection, transportation of large goods etc.  In the production industry safety training can be essential as it helps provide a set of standards for a safe work environment, with our help we can without a doubt outline, teach, and implement safety standards for almost all work environments.  Our instructors are certified to teach a large variety of subjects in which case we as a organisation can tailor any course to meet standards in many categories from harness use to Scandinavian hot work certificates, to first aid.


*All of Our courses are monitored and updated based on current oil, gas, GWO, IRATA and CE/EN applicable standards and can be tailored to meet many different legal requirements based on region and occupation of  specific industries. 


Training at the highest level in the Danish and English language.


• Health and safety at work/Safety awareness

• Lifting of loads/Slinger Banksman

• Elevated platforms/Cherry Pickers

• Basic Harness/PFPE/Fall Protection

• Personal safety working with Epoxy resins

• Complex lifting jobs for riggers

• Crane operator: Mobile Crane 8-30 T and above 30 T

• Forklift

• Scaffolding

• Telescopic fork loader

• Hot work/Fire awareness

• Manual handling/Ergonomics

• Height rescue

• Steel coating/Paint repair

• Handling and classifications of Chemicals

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